feed additive Natural Chemical Synthesis Allicin Powder

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feed additive Natural Chemical Synthesis Allicin Powder

feed addictive allicin powder

Allicin powder applied in feed additive field, Garlic powder is mainly used in feed additive for developing the poultry and fishes against the disease and promoting growth and improving the flavor of egg and meat. The product shows a non-drug resistant, non-residual feature and no withholding period. It belongs to a kind of non-antibiotic feed additive, so it can be instead of antibiotics to be used in compound feed at all times.

Specifications Allicin Powder:                                                                                               

Product Name

        Allicin powder





2% Max

Calcium powder

40% Max

Corn Starch



It is white powder with the same smell as garlic

Products Packing: Normally in 25kg/ paper bags with PE liners
Container loading: 1*20′ full container loads 18MT(when packed in 25kg bags) without pallets.
Storage:Store in a cool ,well ventilated and dry conditions ,keep in a tightly closed bags.
Shelf life: 24 months




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