Choline Chloride Liquid
Choline Chloride Liquid
June 28, 2016
Feed additive choline chloride
high nutrition poultry feeding Choline Chloride
September 2, 2016

MCP 22%


Feed grade MCP is extensively applied as additives of phosphate and calcium for agriculture animal with recturms absorbing nutrition, it is required high
water solubility of MCP toproduce agriculture animal feed. The experiment indicates that the utilization rate of phosphor is about 98% of MCP which is
the best one from all of the phosphate chemicals for agriculture animal. It is far higher than the average level at 20%-60% that DCP can achieve. It can
make higer profit by using MCP compare with other phosphate resource on the view of performance of product and cost of these comprehensive factors.


As assupplement phosphorus and calcium element in livestock feed ,is a kind of nutrition supplements is usually used in animals such as cows,chicken,sheep,which can
be easily digested and absorbed to improve the output ,to increase the amount of meat, milk, egg production;treatment of rickets, cartilage disease, etc; Granular products
is more applicable to the preparation hens, ducks feed, concentrate feed and premix.



Product Name MCP 22%

(Mono-calcium Phosphate 22%)

P 22% Min
Water-soluble P 20%Min
Ca 13%Min
Particle Size

For Powder


(Beneath 40 mesh sieve)

Particle Size

For Granular


(10-60 mesh sieve)

F 0.18%Max
As 0.002%Max
Pb 0.002%Max
Moisture 4.00%Max
Appearance White or Grey powder and granular
Packing Normally in 25 kg per bag
Shelf Life 24 months
Storage Kept in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight.


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