Mono Calcium Phosphate MCP Feed Grade

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November 26, 2017
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Mono Calcium Phosphate MCP Feed Grade

Feed Grade Mcp is extensively applied as additives of phosphor calcium for aquiculture animal with rectum’s absorbing nutrition. It is required high water solubility of MCP to produce aquiculture animal feed, the experiment indicates that the utilization rate of phosphor is about 98% of MCP the best one from all of the phosphate chemicals for aquaculture animal. That can far higher than the average level at 20-60% that DCP can achieve, It can make higher profit by using MCP compare with other phosphate resource on the view of performance of product and cost these comprehensive factors.

Mono Calcium Phosphate MCP(Fccd Grade)Mono Calcium Phosphate MCP(Fccd Grade)
Other Names: Calcium phosphate priniao^Calcium biphosphatc;Calcium phosphate,
monobasic;Calcium dihydrogen phosphate ,C A LCIU M TETR A H Y DROG EN
PI IOSPII ATE;Acidcalciumphosphalc
Molecular fomiula:Ca(H2P()4)2 .1120
Molecular Weight:252.07
CAS No:7758-23-8
EINECS: 231-837-1
Melting Point: 109#C Loss of Ignition:30.0 Water Solubility: insoluble Merck: 13,1698
EPA Substance Registry^ System: Phosphoric acid, calcium sail (2:1K7758-23-8)
Hazard Codes: Xi
Risk Statements: 36/37/38
Safely Statements: 26-36/37-37/39
WGK Germany: 2
RTf-CS :TB85270(K)
lla/ardous Substances Data: 7758-23-8(1 la/ardous Substances Data)

P: Spec 22% min
Water Soluble P: 20% min
Ca: 15-18% min
F: 0.10% max
As: 0.002% max
Heavy Metal(Pb): 0.002% max
PH: 3.0% min
1120: 2% max
Size:in powder 20-150 mesh
in granule 35mesh


Used to supply mineral nutrition such as phosphorus and calcium. The element of calcium and phosphate is called life chemical element for animal. It is important to the animal’s movement, digestion, circulation, the nervous system, metabolism…etc.

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