September 12, 2022

Nutritional characteristics and applications of Corn Gluten Meal

First, the nutritional characteristics of Corn Gluten Meal:   Corn Gluten Meal is a by-product of corn kernel after extracting starch, also known as corn gluten powder, 1, rich in amino acids and natural pigments – lutein, is an important feed raw materials. 2, mainly […]
September 6, 2022
Feed Grade Corn Gluten Meal in china

What is the development prospect of the feed additive industry?

Today, the development of the feed additive industry faces many new challenges. The continuous expansion of the scale of breeding and breeding, the diversification of models and environments, the diversification of consumer demand for livestock products, and the standardization of the state’s management of […]
July 19, 2022

DCP Feed supplement powder or granular ,Dicalcium Phosphate

DCP DCP Quick Details Specifications used as leavening agent, dough conditioner, buffering agent, nutritional supplement, emulsifier, yeast food.Dicalcium phosphate is white crystals or granules, granular powder or powder, which complies with the specifications of QB/T2477-2007,FCC and EC … Quick Details CAS No.: 7789-77-7 Other […]
July 18, 2022

Three Tips for the Feed Additive Industry from KDLFEED

Three Tips for the Feed Additive Industry from Nutreco’s New CEO At the recent Global Feed and Food Congress, held in Bangkok in March 2019, Nutreco’s new CEO laid out his vision for the company, as well as giving attendees an insight into what […]
June 17, 2022

What pesticides are used to grow lettuce? Spraying choline chloride on lettuce can increase yield by more than 30%

Readers are very interested in the question of how lettuce grows thick, and are dazzled by various lettuce bulking agents, lettuce bulking agents, lettuce bulking bulking agents, etc., and it is difficult to distinguish correctly. In the previous stage, I specifically described the relevant […]
June 13, 2019
choline chloride 60% corn cob hot sale best price poultry feed

Quality control of feed ingredients

  With the rapid development of the feed industry and the frequent fluctuations in raw material prices, the feed ingredients selected by feed enterprises are increasingly diversified and complicated. Controlling the quality of feed ingredients is of great practical significance for ensuring the quality of compound feed products. . The […]
June 5, 2019

Dangerous tips! Look at what is fake corn protein powder.

White granules mixed with corn gluten meal White particles are obvious Sandwiched in a petri dish White  Shaped like lysine size  This time, I was commissioned by a feed mill owner to see the raw materials and suddenly found that the corn protein powder was fraudulent. Because this business trip […]
May 13, 2019
Protein Powder Feedstuff Corn Gluten Meal

Corn protein powder VS fish meal, soybean meal

Corn protein powder VS fish meal, soybean meal   Abstract: Corn gluten meal contains essential amino acids in amounts greater than fish meal , soybean meal and total essential amino acids in which the sulfur containing amino acid, leucine content greater than fish meal and soybean meal, corn gluten meal but amino acid […]
January 10, 2019

What Are the Animal Health Benefits of Allicin?

1 Prevent and treat diseases and enhance immunity The disulfides and trisulfides in allicin can enter the cytoplasm through the cell membrane of the pathogen and oxidize the hydroxyl-containing enzyme to a disulfide bond, thereby inhibiting cell division and destroying the normal metabolism of […]
December 1, 2018
Allicin powder

The role of allicin in aquaculture

The role of allicin in aquaculture Allicin is used in aquaculture and has the characteristics of improving palatability, promoting appetite, stomach and bactericidal, deworming and health promotion, and promoting growth. It has no accumulation, no drug resistance, no teratogenic, carcinogenic and mutagenic in aquatic […]
March 7, 2018

70% choline chloride liquid

Description:70% choline chloride liquid can effectively prevent and treat fat deposits and tissue degeneration in livestock and poultry organs. Amino acids can promote the absorption and synthesis. Can enhance the physical and disease resistance of livestock and poultry, and promote growth and development, improve the egg […]
February 28, 2018

Choline Chloride Description & Chemical Formula

Chemical Description Choline chloride is an organic compound that is found in many plant and animal organs. It is an essential nutrient that plays a key role in proper functioning of many biological processes. It is a white, odorless powder that fully dissolves in […]
February 24, 2018

Standard for acceptance of corn gluten powder for feed raw materials

Standard for acceptance of corn gluten powder for feed raw materials Product Description: Corn to remove the germ and starch after the remaining products; protein and energy is high, lysine, tryptophan, methionine, higher rate of glutathione high digestibility of livestock and poultry, rich in […]
February 20, 2018
Protein Powder Feedstuff Corn Gluten Meal

Technological process of solid state fermented soybean meal

Technological process of solid state fermented soybean meal Microbial fermentation of soybean meal using bio-fermentation engineering technology, through the fermentation process of microorganisms secreted by the enzyme in the soybean meal part of the protease solution to the molecular weight of more than 3000 […]
February 15, 2018
Feed Additive Protein Powder Corn Gluten Meal

How to quickly identify the quality of corn gluten meal powder ?

As a kind of protein material, Corn gluten powder has been widely used in feed industry. High quality corn gluten meal corn gluten powder The corn gluten meal is the by-products of corn starch , powder, golden. It contains rich amino acids, can encourage […]
February 11, 2018
Corn Gluten Meal for Pig Feed, Chicken Feed

What is the effect of corn gluten powder in feed industry?

What is the effect of corn gluten powder in feed industry? Corn Gluten meal is also called Corn Bran powder, mainly composed of corn protein, containing a small amount of starch and fiber. Protein in the pig gastrointestinal soluble protein and insoluble protein two […]