Monocalcium Phosphate MCP 22% feed grade, poultry feed

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September 28, 2016
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Monocalcium Phosphate MCP 22% feed grade, poultry feed

MCP 22% feed grade

Hebe Kangdali is  a professional manufacturer of feed additives. The main products include Choline Chloride, Allicin ,Betaine HCL ,Corn Gluten Meal ,DCP, MCP. Our equipments are designed according to GMP and SGS completely , and have gotten GMP and SGS certificate.

MCP has other names, such as Calcium hydrogen phosphate; Calcium phosphate, dibasic ;calcium hydrogen orthophosphate

advantages of Monocalcium Phosphate MCP 22% 

High flow-ability: This item reveals excellent flow-ability, it can be uniformly mixed with other feed stuffs, prevent bad circulation of phosphorus.

High water solubility: The water solubility of this item is above 90%, it’s good for water animals of soaking up P&C a, it can stimulate development of fish and shrimps.
High digestibility: The relative bioavailability worth of this product is 20%-45% higher than standard DCP, this can reduce excretion of phosphorus, efficiently secure the environment which fish and shrimps live.
Subacidity: This is effective to stimulate the activity of pepsinogen, improve the feed digestibility of fish and shrimps.
Low heavy metal: Enhance aquatic food security.
MCP 22%

MCP 22%

(DCP) Dicalcium Phosphate-DCP Dicalcium Phosphate Feed Grade, used as a kind of feed supplement which might provide Ca & P in feed for animals. Phosphorus has considerable function in animal metabolic process and has physiological functions comparing with other minerals. Feed grade DCP is widely utilized in poultry feeds as an essential additive, thanks to its high nutritious affect.

It’s easy to be absorbed and taken in by farm livestock, accelerating their development and advancement, reducing the fattening duration, gaining weight quickly.

The MCP specification in different products
Min 22%
Relative solubility in
2%citric acid
Max 0.2%
Max 0.15%
Max 10ppm
Max 10ppm
Max 15ppm
Max 10ppm
Max 0.1ppm
Max 0.1ppm

application of Monocalcium Phosphate MCP 22% feed Grade

Feed Grade DCP is extensively applied in enhancing hybridization rate, pregnant rate and endure rate, enhancing livestock the ability of anti-plague and anti-disease, preventing rickets, paralysis, diarrhea and soft-shell, preventing pig, chicken from disordering feeding, assisting growth, increasing the output of egg and meat.







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