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February 20, 2018
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Feed Grade Pure Garlic Extract Powder

Garlicin is a mixture of diallyl trisulfide, diallyl sulfide and allyl methyl disulfide, can effectively control a variety of common infectious diseases of livestock and poultry; Also is efficient for enteritis disease of fish and crab, rotten gill disease, red skin disease and hemorrhage, as well as infectious outbreak of diseases; Garlicin and thiamine compounds inhibit the enzyme action, thereby significantly enhancing the resistance of shrimp to significantly reduce mortality; Garlicin is a strong attractant for animals.
Specifications: Garlicin oil; 50% and 25% garlicin powder
Ingredients: Diallyl trisulfide ≥ 50%;
Diallyl sulfide ≥ 35%;
Little sulfide and forsulfide
Physical and Chemical Property:
Hardly soluble in water, with strong garlic odor and relatively stable chemical property. It is not easy for decomposition and polymerization.

Item Based on 25% Garlicin Power
Attractant Promotion Growth Replacement for Antibiotics
Livestock and Poultry 50~100 100~300 200~400
Fish 100~200 200~400 400~600
Shrimp, Crab and Turtle 200~400 300~500 500~800
Specifications Type Ingredient Content (%)
Garlicin Oil garlicin 97~103
50% Garlicin Powder garlicin ≥50
25% Garlicin Powder garlicin ≥25

Main Functions:
1 wide-spectrum antibiotic, bacteriostasis and sterilization
2 enhancing human immunity
3 promoting the healthy growth of birds, beasts and fishes
4 improving the quality of meat, milk and egg, thus to improve food’s flavour
5 detoxicating, keeping health, and removing blood stasis
6 reducing blood fat, lower blood pressure

1. Garlic helps to prevent cancer, especially of the digestive system, prevents certain tumors from growing larger and reduces the size of certain tumors.
2. Garlic may help to remove heavy metals such as lead and mercury from the body.
3. Raw Garlic is a potent natural antibiotic that works differently than modern antibiotics and kills some strains of bacteria, like staph, that have become immune or resistant to modern antibiotics.
4. Garlic has anti-fungal and anti-viral properties.
5. Garlic dramatically reduces yeast infections due to Candida species.
6. Garlic has anti-oxidant properties and is a source of selenium.
7. Eating garlic gives the consumer an enhanced sense of well being – it makes you feel good just eating it.
8. Garlic probably has other benefits as well.

1. Applied in Food field.
2. Applied in Pharmaceutical field.
3. Applied in Feed additives field.

Usage and Amount:
Mix product with small and free flowing feed, then add it into premix or compound feed.
Storage: It should be sealed and stored in a dry place.
Shelf Life: 12 months (sealed)
Packaging: Garlicin Oil: 200 kg plastic drum; Garlicin Powder: 25 kg/bag

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