Garlic Extract Allicin powder feed addictive for poultry feeding

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May 5, 2017
Soybean Meal feed grade
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May 11, 2017

Garlic Extract Allicin powder feed addictive for poultry feeding

Garlic powder is mainly used in feed additive for developing the poultry and fishes against the disease and promoting growth and improving the flavor of eggs and meat.The product shous a non-drug resistant,non-residual feature and no withholding period.It belongs to a kind of non-antibiotic feed additive,So it can be instead of antibiotics to be used in compound feed at all times.


Product name Allicin pwder
Content 10%min                        15%min                          25%min
Moisture 2%max                         2%max                           2%max
Calcium powder 40%max                       40%max                         40%max
Corn starch 35%max                      35%max                           35%max
Appearence It is white powder with the same smell as garlic
Packing Normally in 25kg PEPA bags or kraft paper or cardboard drum with two PE liners
Shelf life 24 months
Storage Avoid heat,Humidity and direct sunshine during storage and transportation


1.Detoxicate and keep health.It may lower the poisonous substance as mercury,Cyanide and nitrite.The animal will be bealthier with bright shiny fur and diseaseresistance enhanced,Survival rate increased,After feeding for some time.

2.Resisting moulds and insects,Various moulds can be wiped out and fly and amggot killed efficiently.Sanitary environment be kept and feed material kept longer.

3.Specially good effect for festered gill,reddish skin.bleed and enteritis caused by various infection.

4.Improved the quality of meet,milk and eggs obviously.These products taste more delicious.

5.Reducing cholesterol.It can reduce the activity of a-cholesterol hydroxyls,Thus lower the cholesterol content within serum,Yolk and liver.

6.It is a refill of antibiotic as well as best additive for producing nuisance free fodder.

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