Grade A quality soybean meal, soybean protein meal for poultry feed

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Grade A quality soybean meal, soybean protein meal for poultry feed

grade A soybean meal

Soybean meal is used in food and animal feeds, principally as a protein supplement, but also as a source of metabolizable energy. Typically 1 bushel (i.e. 60 lbs. or 27.2 kg) of soybeans yields 48 lbs. (21.8 kg) of soybean meal.Some, but not all, soybean meal is produced from the residue left after oil extraction. (Removal of the oil, which is used mostly in food, but also for industrial oils, soaps and biodiesel, involves crushing and either pressing or solvent extraction.) Some, but not all, soybean meal contains ground soybean hulls. Soybean meal is heat-treated during production, to denature the trypsin inhibitors of soybeans, which would otherwise interfere with protein digestion.

Soybean meal is the by-product of the extraction of soybean oil. Several procedures exist, leading to various products. Soybean meal is generally classified for marketing by its crude protein material. There are two primary classifications of soybean meal, the “high-protein” soybean meal with 47-49% protein and 3% crude fiber, acquired from dehulled seeds, and the “traditional” soybean meal, with 43-44% protein, that contain the hulls. In solvent-extracted soybean meals, the oil material is normally lower than 2% while it surpasses 3% in mechanically-extracted meals

detailed information of the Soybean meal

Product Name
Soybean  Meal
Crude Protein
43% Min
46% Min
48% Min
12% Max
8% Max
5% Max
Pale yellowish brown or light yellow irregular or coarse powder- like debris with roasted soybean flavor

functions of soybean meal

1. The soybean meal is rich in nutrition, such as amino acid, little peptide, vitamin etc. The unrefined fiber in soybean meal is degraded and intenerated effectively. And the anti- nutritional factors are eliminated. Thus the nutrition can be utilized at the greatest rate. This product can effectively promote the growth of pig, poultry and ruminant, reduce the expense of production and enhance the economic benefits.

2. The soybean meal consists of abundant Probiotics and metabolite of Probiotics which can much better the micro-ecological environment, strengthen the immunity and avoid disease.This product can enhance the usage rate of feed and nitrogen. Hence the nitrogen and indole in the animals’ dejecta will be decreased considerably, and feeding environment will be enhanced.

3. The soybean meal is abundant in amino acid, which can completely please the amino acid demand of fishes.

packing of the soybean meal

Normally in 50kg per bag


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