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February 15, 2018
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February 20, 2018

Fermented soybean meal feed

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Fermented soybean meal feed

Soybean Meal is widely demanded as an animal feed due to its rich nutritional content. We use the best quality Soybean to obtain high protein Soybean Meal which can be used as animal diets, poultry feed, cattle feed and fish feed. Soybean Meal is available in varied quantity packs as requested by the buyer.

The crude fiber in soybean meal has been depredated and softened effectively, so it can remove the action of the anti-nutritional factors and the nutritive element can be made the most. The soybean meal can promote the growth of the pig, poultry and ruminant animals effectively, improve the micro-environment of the intestinal canal and enforce their immunizing power. As the result of this product can improve feed conversion ratio and the utilization rate of the nitrogen, ammonia and indoles compound in animal waste will reduce greatly and improve the raise environment.

As a new industrial feed after feed and puffed feed, fermented soybean meal feed
will be popularized, it can avoid the problems such as feed pollution, high
energy consumption of residue and puffed feed and damage of high temperature and
high pressure on feed nutrients, and win people’s favor with good quality, high
nutritive value and low price.

 Powder Soybean Meal and Bone Meal,Soybean Meal,Fish Meal for Sale with Low Price and Good Quality 
Fish meal produced in our factory is made of fresh anchovy through high-temperature steaming, sterilization, degrease, drying and screening. With reliable high quality, all of its indicators have reached GB/T19164-2003 standard of first-class fish meal.


Items Testing based on Requested in standard Result
Crude protein GB/T 6432-94 65 min 65.35
Moisture GB/T6435-2006 10 max 8.22
Crude ash GB/T6438-2007 15 max 12.15%
Crude fat % GB/T 6433-1994 10 max 6.53
Sand % GB/T6438-92 4 max 3.60
Salt % GB/T6438-92 4 max 3.2


1.High Protein
2.Quickly prmote heathy and Growth
3.Enhance Nutrition of poultry
4.Soft Powder and good texture
5.Free from any Rot odour
6.Manufacturer price and good service in time

Most of the soybean meal is used as feed, and the small part is for the
production of fermented food, and the research on the deep processing and
comprehensive utilization of soybean meal is relatively weak. The common methods
of processing soybean meal are enzymatic hydrolysis of soybean meal and
fermented soybean meal, namely, using modern biotechnology to decompose soy
protein into soluble protein and small molecule polypeptide by enzymatic
hydrolysis or microbial fermentation.

The protein of enzymatic hydrolysis or fermentation is considered to be the
ideal plant protein of young animal feed because of its characteristic that it
is easier to absorb and lower antigen than traditional soy protein. The
enzymatic hydrolysis soybean meal is mainly used in the liquid production of
soybean peptide, which has a series of limiting factors. First of all, the
bitterness and odor in the process of protein hydrolysis can not be completely
suppressed, especially in large-scale production, which requires high cost in
reducing and removing the bitterness and odor in the process of hydrolysis.
Higher prices are the main reason for restricting the entry of soy peptides into
the market. Second, the enzymes used in the hydrolysis are limited to the common
use in the food industry, and single or mixed uses cannot completely eliminate
the bitterness and odor from the hydrolysis process.

The task of finding a protease that overcomes the bitterness of hydrolysis is
very difficult and difficult to control. With the improvement and perfection of
solid-state fermentation technology, solid-state fermentation can not only be
used in the process of liquid production, but also can make up for the
deficiency and defect of liquid production. The application of modern
solid-state fermentation technology can achieve large-scale production, and its
investment scale and production costs are often lower than the liquid method,
and more importantly, modern solid-state fermentation often does not affect the
environment of pollution waste production, in the food processing industry will
play an increasingly important role. One of the important applications of
solid-state fermentation is the use of microorganisms to transform crops and
their by-products in order to improve their nutritional value and reduce
environmental pollution.

The results show that the bio-conversion rate of the protein can be effectively
improved by solid-state fermentation of soybean meal. Soy protein content in
soybean meal is very high, between 43.0%~55.0%, and more than 80% of them are
water-soluble protein. Among them lysine 2.5%~3.0%, tryptophan 0.6%~0.7%,
methionine 0.5%~0.7%, cystine 0.5%~0.8%, carotene 0.2 mg ~0.4 mg per kg,
thiamine 3 mg ~6 mg, riboflavin per kilogram 3 mg ~6 mg,
Nicotinic acid 15 mg ~30 mg, choline 2200 mg ~2800 mg per kg.

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