The nutritive value and application of corn gluten powder

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The composition of corn gluten powder
March 24, 2018
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April 2, 2018

The nutritive value and application of corn gluten powder

High Protein Corn Gluten Meal for Animal Feed Chicken Feed

He nutritional compositions of corn gluten powder produced by different uses and different production processes are different, and the change degree is very large, which directly affects the effective utilization rate of feed material and the economic benefit of feed formula.

It can be seen from table 1 that the protein content in corn gluten meal is 21% and 3 higher than that of soybean meal and fishmeal respectively. 7%, the difference with the soybean cake is obvious, is high protein material, at the same time the crude fiber content is lower than the soybean cake 3. 9%, can be classified as concentrated.

In addition, the content of fat in corn gluten flour was higher than that of soybean cake and corn seeds. According to research at home and abroad, the addition of fat in the diet can increase the 15%~20% of livestock and poultry, and the weight loss per kg 10%~ 15%.

It can reduce the oxidation of amino acids and have more amino acid transformation of adult protein, improve the digestibility of amino acids; it can inhibit glucose and other precursor substances into fat, at high temperature, it is also conducive to increase energy intake, reduce the body heat consumption of livestock and poultry, slow heat stress. In addition, high fat content can effectively improve the palatability of feed.

This shows that corn protein powder as an important source of protein with the feed can be comparable to soybean cake and fish meal compared to [1] In addition, the total amount of amino acid contained in corn gluten powder was greater than that of soybean meal and fishmeal.

CRUDE PROTEIN   68% MIN     75.98%
PHOSPHORUS   1.0% MAX     0.2%
ASH   4.0% MAX     2.07%
MOISTURE   12% MAX     7.5%
CRUDE FIBER   3.0%MAX     0.1%

The content of total sulfur-containing amino acid and leucine is higher than that of soybean powder and fish meal, but lysine and tryptophan are lower, which can be supplemented with the protein source of soybean meal and fishmeal.

Corn protein powder, in addition to rich protein-like nutrients, still contains other inorganic salts and a variety of vitamins, especially suitable for poultry feed. The protein content of corn gluten powder is directly related to the apparent digestibility of the pig, and the ratio of energy to protein is suitable or essential amino acids are more balanced than essential amino acids, which has higher energy digestibility.

Guoliang etc [2] in the pig base feed to add different protein content of corn gluten powder, the dosage was 20%,25%,30% to determine the digestion energy of pigs, the results of the test were shown in table 2, the apparent digestibility of corn protein powder containing 32% crude protein was higher, and the reason was that the ratio of energy to protein was more suitable.

Application of corn gluten powder in animal feed  

Corn protein powder is used as feed protein source corn protein powder protein content is high, amino acid is rich, in soybean cake, fish meal very short of feed market, can be used to replace soybean cake, fishmeal and other protein feed.

Li Peihua ET (1994) reported that corn protein powder is a high protein, highly metabolic energy feed, in lieu of soybean meal feeding layer, the test group laying rate and feed utilization ratio are higher than the control groups, the economic benefits are significant.

Liu Yanqiang (1994) with the same proportion of corn protein powder instead of soybean meal, plus lysine, the results showed that the test group and control groups of daily weight gain and feed conversion rate are basically consistent, is conducive to the development of protein resources, to alleviate the growing shortage of protein feed such as soybean meal.

Qi Hongwei etc (1996) through the feeding experiment of 40 growing finishing pigs, it was found that the production effect of corn gluten meal, umbilical seed meal and fiber residue was improved by 12 after feeding the growth-finishing pigs with the by-product ——— corn flour 1%~25. 7%. Qin Xudong [3] reported that the average daily gain of the test pig was 0 more than that of the control pig, adding 50% ethanol corn protein powder to the matched feed. 046kg, the whole period of more than 3. 22kg, and the length and bust were increased by 6 compared with the control pig. 5cm and 3cm.

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