high protein Organic Selenium Feed Grade yeast powder

Choline Chloride feed grade
Choline Chloride feed addictive vitamins for farm animals and pets
May 24, 2017
kdl Choline Chloride feed addictive
June 14, 2017

high protein Organic Selenium Feed Grade yeast powder

feed yeast for poultry

Features of Feed Grade Yeast

1) 100% pure brewers yeast powder
2) Help digestion, promote growth, and enhance immunity.
3) Effectively improve the level of production and feed conversion efficiency, lower feeding cost.
4)Rich in quality complete protein, and could make up for the lack of protein and vitamin in the common feeds.

Product name Feed yeast
Protein content 40%min  45%min  50%min  55%min  60%min
Moisture 10%max  10%max  10%max  10%max  10%max
ash 12%max   12%max  12%max  12%max  12%max
appearence Gray,yellow-brownish free flowing powder
packing 25kg/bag,normally in 25kg PP bags with PE liners
Loading 1*20’full container loads 20MT(when packed in 25 kg bags)with pallets
shelf life 24 months
Storage Store in a cool,well ventilated and dry conditions,keep in a tightly closed bags

Suggested usage and dosage for feeds (kg/ ton ):
Piglet: 20-40kg
Medium and big pig: 30-60kg
Poultry: 20-80kg
Fish, shrimp: 50-100kg
Cattle and sheep: 30-50kg
Special animals: 20-60kg



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