Feed Grade Choline Chloride 75% Liquid For Poutlry & Ruminant & Fish

animal Pure Soybean Meal for : chicken shrimp crab cattle pig
April 4, 2016
choline chloride FIFTY% SIXTY% corn cob or even Silica Base
choline chloride FIFTY% SIXTY% corn cob or even Silica Base
April 4, 2016

Feed Grade Choline Chloride 75% Liquid For Poutlry & Ruminant & Fish

Choline Chloride 75% Fluid

Choline Chloride 75% Liquid Choline Chloride 75% Liquid Feed Grade China

Molecular Formula: HOCH2CHN2( CH3) 3CI.
Molecular Weight: 139.62.
Shelf Life: 2 years.

General Specification.

Material:: > 75%.
TMA: 125ppm max.
Heavy Metal( Pb): 10ppm max.

Introduce of Choline Chloride 75% Fluid.

1. To avoid the buildup of fat in livers and also kidneys and prevent its pathological changes.
2. To improve the wellness of animals and to enhance its capacity to anti-illness.
3. To enhance the growth price as well as laying rate of fowls and also to boost the survival price of infant pig.
4. To enhance the growth and survival rate of fishes and also promote ite proliferation.
5. To make certain the correct performance of the nerve system of animas.

Use in Animal Feed.

Supporting feed for livestock and also specifically utilized in layer feed as well as premix feed, chicken and also marine animal. It can promote feed digestive function, put on pets’ weight, elevate laying price or producing milk rate, treatment disease such as rickets, osteomalacia as well as anaemia and so on


Dosage. 3% added in Pre combined feed, 1.5% added in Created feed will be better.

Packaging and storage space.

Maintain in well-closed bags.25 Kg/bag.
Shop in cool as well as completely dry location keep away from direct light.

Formula Supply– Sample Manufacturing– Validate by Client– Reggular Manufacturing– Top quality Assessment– Completed Item Packing.

Top-notch ingredients for animal feed as well as premixes.

Choline Chloride 75% Fluid Feed Grade China.

We have greater than 40 technological experts in the Venture Modern technology Facility, consisting of 8 vets in R&D division to make sure advanced science assistance.

We has strong quality control policy and has our very own well-developed laboratories. We can do HPLC examination by ourselves. Also we have an extremely close connection with Nantional Laboratories as well as SGS. All items will be completely evaluated prior to export.

We has our very own modern-day storehouse in our factory which can. All the items delivered will certainly be well-packed( on a Pallet with external covering). We are experienced of paperwork, clearance as well as transport. We can make the rapid shippment at any type of amount which could save you much time and also expense of import.


  1. 管理 says:

    Why choline is hardly needed in wheat-based diets?

    • 管理 says:

      Maize and soybean meal contain 620 and 2,794 mg/kg choline, respectively. In contrast, wheat contains 1,092 mg/kg choline. A typical diet based on corn and soybean meal (65 percent maize, 25 percent soybean meal, 10 percent other) will contain at least 1,040 mg/kg choline from natural sources. The same diet based on wheat and soybean meal will contain at least 1,408 mg/kg. Here, it is evident that most typical corn-based diets require choline supplementation, whereas wheat-based diets hardly warrant it. For broilers, it would appear that choline supplementation is essential only with corn-based diets, whereas layers hardly require any supplementation with either cereal source. If we take into account the high levels of betaine in wheat, then this further proves the futility of adding choline to layer diets. If maize by-products are used as a protein source (dried distiller’s grains or maize gluten) then choline supplementation needs increase as soybean meal concentration decreases.

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