high protein feed grade yeast powder 45% 50% 55% 60%

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high protein feed grade yeast powder 45% 50% 55% 60%

feed yeast powder

feed grade yeast powder is a type of microorganism formulation.It can be used by animals easily.
This product is abundant in vitamins, micro elements, numerous enzymes and eighteen kinds of amino acids, and the quantity of cells amount to 85%.
It is a great feed things of poultry, fish and shrimp for supplying protein. It can assist animals to grow and absorb, to enhance capability of withstanding disease, to heighten producing level and rate of change, to reduce the expense of raising, so it can change fish meal thoroughly.

feed grade Yeast powder turned the vegetable protein to unicellular protein, which can be easily absorbed and used by animals. Our feed grade yeast powder is an exceptional source of protein and vitamins, particularly the B-complex vitamins, whose functions are associated to metabolic process, as well as other minerals and enzymes.

Feed grade yeast powder is a cost effective fodder. With excellent palatability, it is used as food additives. Feed grade yeast powder is utilized to increase animal efficiency, since it might assist animal to develop up their own resistance against pathogens.


Appearance: Yellowish brown to brown powder with special yeast aroma
Crude Protein 45%,50%,55%
Moisture 10% max
Ash 10% max
Using Dosage
For Poultry adding 2.0% to 4.0%
For Pig adding 1.0 to 5.0%
For Aquaculture adding 2.5% to 5.0%

We provide feed grade yeast powder 45%, 50%, 55% and 60%, which is distinguished by purity. The humidity is lower than 10%, and ash is no more than 13%. Details are in the following.

ITEM 45%Yeast Powder 50%Yeast Powder 55%Yeast Powder 60%Yeast Powder
Crude protein 45%min 50%min 55%min 60%min
Moisture 10%max 10%max 10%max 10%max
Ash 13%max 13%max 13%max 13%max

For poultry, fish and shrimp, 1-3% of yeast powder is recommended, and for domestic animals like pig, cattle, sheep, rabbit, marten, etc, 2-5% is recommended.

feed yeast for animal feed additive

feed yeast for animal feed additive

Features of  feed grade yeast powder

1. High protein usage
2. Improve production performance
Feed Yeast can successfully promote growth and enhance day-to-day gain, feed effectiveness and reproductive performance.
3. Decrease the cost of feed
Feed Yeast can represent most or all the fish meal, which in other method means quite low feed cost.
4. Safety
None hazardous germs exist after the procedure of fermented.
5. Stable efficiency
Great liquidity, no adsorption static electrical energy, can tolerate hydro chlorine acid.

Products Packing :

Normally in 25kg/ paper bags with PE liners

Container loading:1*20′ full container loads 18, tons

Storage:Store in a cool ,well ventilated and dry conditions ,keep in a tightly closed bags.

Service we can provide 

1.Quality control, before shipment, free sample for test. after shipment,  keep sample for 1 year

2. Packing as your request, with photo before shipment

3. Prompt shipment with professional documents

4. Our trade staff can assist you 24hours a day.

5. Free sample can be send in one day .

Our Advantage

1.Professional supplier with 20 years experience for feed additives .

2.We also accept small order .

3.SGS and CIQ quality control

4. A strong team to work for you.

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