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October 20, 2016
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October 26, 2016

What is Animal Feed Allicin ?

Animal Feed Garlic Allicin

Allicin is the significant biologically active component of garlic. Reported by Cavallito and Bailey in 1944, allicin is the essential ingredient responsible for the broad-spectrum of anti-bacterial activity in garlic. Research study also showed that allicin is accountable for lipid-lowering, anti-blood coagulation, anti-hypertension, anti-cancer, anti-microbial and antioxidant results.

Product Name                                                       Allicin powder
Content 10% Min 15%Min 25%Min
Moisture 2% Max 2% Max 2% Max
Calcium powder 40% Max 40% Max 40% Max
Corn Starch 35%Max 35%Max 35%Max
Characteristics It is white powder with the same smell as garlic
Packing Normally in 25 kg PEPA bags or Kraft paper bags or Cardboard drum with two PE liners
Shelf Life 24months.
Storage Avoid heat, humidity and direct sunshine during storage and transportation

Medicinal Activity in Garlic is finest measured by it’s Allicin contentNonetheless, allicin is not found in fresh garlic. The chemistry of garlic is very complicated. Fresh garlic contains an enzyme called “allinase” and “alliin”, which are contained in various parts of the garlic plant. This distinct structure is designed as a defense mechanism versus microbial pathogens of the soil. When fungi or other soil pathogens attack the cloves, the membrane of those compartments is ruined, and within 10 seconds, all the alliin is converted into a brand-new substance called allicin.

Species                                 25% allicin powder (g/T)
Instead of Antibiotics Stimulate the appetite Growth promotion
Livestock and poultry 20~40 40~120 120~160
Freshwater or marine fishes 40~80 80~160 160~240
Prawn,crab and turtle 80~160 120~200 200~320

The allicin produced has an extremely brief half-life (the time required for half of a given amount of the component to weaken) and has a normal smell of freshly crushed garlic. This is a really effective weapon because the clove’s defence systems only comes to life (activated) in a really small location and for a brief amount of time, whereas the remainder of the allinase and alliin remain maintained in their particular compartments and are offered for subsequent microbial attacks. More notably, as a large quantity of allicin produced might also be hazardous for the plant tissues and enzymes, this extremely minimal temporary production that is confined to the area where the microbial attack takes place, minimizes self-damage to the plant.
Look: White drifting powder with strong garlic smell
Specificayion: 15% 25%.
Main part: [( CH2= CHCH2) 2S3.

1) Restricting ans killing damaging bacteria.
2) Stimulating animal’s cravings.
3) Detoxicating and keep healthy.
4) Resisting bugs and moulds effectively to keep environment hygienic matweial longer.
5) Improving quality of egg, meat and milk be raised obviously. It could lower fishy smell and make meat and eggs more tasty and delicious.
6) Specifically good effect for festered gill, reddish skin, bleed and enteritis caused by numerous infection.
7) Reducing cholesterol.
8) It is a refill of antibiotic along with the very best additive for producing annoyance totally free fodder.

Usage & Requirements :

1. The anti-bacterial and bacteriostatic and bactericidal action, which can successfully restrain the growth of harmful germs such as e. coli, salmonella, reproduction, livestock Birds brought on by gram negative and positive germs infection of the respiratory system, the gastrointestinal tract illness and their complications significant alleviative impact, such as pneumonia, asthma, enteritis, diarrhea, etc. Of lawn carp, black carp, catfish, grouper, eels and other bacterial gill illness, digestive tract illness, red skin disease, hemorrhagic illness, in addition to the prawn leukoderma, black rot has significant alleviative result, the carp, tilapia liver illness have a certain therapeutic effect.

2. The health growth,: allicin can effectively stimulate the animals produce fragrance formation of amino acids, increase the scent elements of meat and eggs C3H5S (O) gene, the freshness of meat and eggs. Contribute to the feed can improve livestock and poultry and fish and shrimp and disease-resistant capability, accelerate the growth. Added in the carp feed, can make the carp day-to-day gain 8-12%. In the animals and poultry feed include, to raise pig everyday gain of 3-6%, poultry growing in 5-8%, egg laying rate increased 5-7%, considerably increase rate of feed.

3. The allicin has antipyretic function, detoxification, promoting blood flow to eliminate blood tension, can significantly minimize the toxicity of reliable substances in feed.

4. Strong garlic, pure, heat resistant granulating, no resistance, non-toxic, no remain in the body.



  1. Johanne says:

    Why are antibiotics in animal feed in the very first location?

    • admin says:

      Antibiotics have actually been great for the world. They have been important in permitting mankind to enjoy a basic and lifestyle unimagined previous to their discovery. Initially, prescription antibiotics enabled us to control life-altering and fatal diseases in people.

      Secondarily, they have actually facilitated the advancement of a modern, safe and efficient farming system that produces food economically, economically and plentifully for most of the 7 billion individuals on earth.

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