What‘s the difference between functional and organic fish feed ?

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What‘s the difference between functional and organic fish feed ?


The functional feed developed and produced by kangdali is dedicated to fish reproduction, healthy growth of fish, and pressure prevention diagnosis and countermeasures.

Functional feed

It is well known that different types of fish have different nutritional needs. In order to increase the growth rate of fish and maintain the health of fish, Philharmonic Aquatics focuses on the research and development of functional feeds, and our feeds are distinguished from traditional formulas and are more conducive to the physiological effects of fish. At the same time, Philharmonic Aquatics is extremely attentive to the selection of the raw materials needed for feed, which also results in excellent price advantages for the feed and no harm to the ecological environment.

Organic feed
We provide organic feed for a wide variety of fish throughout the entire production cycle.

According to EU regulations, all fish in organic fish farms must be fed with organic feed. In addition, as of January 1, 2016, this requirement applies to all life stages of fish from hatching to growth to final fish. .

All of KANGDALI’s organic fish feed is produced at our Danish factory and contains only organically approved raw materials.

KANGDALI has passed the certification and inspection of the Danish Agency and the German private Naturland standard and complies with EU regulations on the production of organic fish feed.

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