feed yeast powder with protein 40%, 45%, 50%, 55%, poultry feed addictive

dcp 18%
Dicalcium Phosphate (DCP) ,DCP 18%,feed addictive,
November 30, 2016
betaine HCL 98%
White Granule Betaine HCL 98%, content 75%,Feed Additive for animal growth
December 6, 2016

feed yeast powder with protein 40%, 45%, 50%, 55%, poultry feed addictive

feed yeast

The feed yeast is not only rich in vitamin, microelements, various enzymes and eighteen types of amino acids, as well as possessing high energy value, it could save the cost for expensive protein sources and improve the efficiency of

the used feedstuffs, meanwhile  it can supply crude protein for animal growth.

functions of feed yeast 

1. This item is a type of microbe solution. The veggie protein has been become unicelluor protein by yeast, which can be digested and utilized by animals quickly.
2. This item is abundant in vitamin, micro element, numerous enzymes and eighteen kinds of amino acids and the quantity of cells total up to 85%. It has actually passed provincial appraisal for its sophisticated innovation domestically.
3. This things is an excellent feed things of poultry, fish and shrimp for supplying protein. It can help animals to digest and grow, to enhance ability of withstanding illness, to increase producing level and rate of change, to reduce the cost of raising, so it can change fish meal partially.

 Feed Yeast  Specification:

Application: Supply Crude Protein To Animal
Appearance: Yellowish brown to brown powder with special yeast aroma
Crude Protein 45%,50%,55%
Moisture 10% max
Ash 10% max
Using Dosage
For Poultry adding 2.0% to 4.0%
For Pig adding 1.0 to 5.0%
For Aquaculture adding 2.5% to 5.0%

applications of feed yeast

1.  Strengthen the disease resistance of livestock,

2  Promote the metabolism of livestock,

3 Speed up the growth of livestock,

4 Reproductive capacity and quality of the meat and fur, especially suitable to smell to feed fish and shrimp feed.


Packing  of feed yeast

Normally in 25kg/ paper bags with PE liners

Container loading:1*20′ full container loads 18 tons


Storage:Store in a cool ,well ventilated and dry conditions ,keep in a tightly closed bags.

feed yeast 50% Recommended dosage

Pig  2% -4%
Poultry  2% -4%
Cattle and sheep 5% -6%
Aquatic  8% -10%


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