Choline Chloride
CHOLINE CHLORIDE powder-poultry feed addictive, vitamin B
February 5, 2017
Choline Chloride 50% 60% 70% in poultry feed additives
Choline Chloride for Animal Nutrition – An Indispensable Performance Promoter in Poultry
February 7, 2017

Choline Chloride for poultry

Choline Chloride For Poultry


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Choline Chloride, min. 750 mg/g (equiv. 560 mg choline/g)* of chemical synthesis. Bidistilled water, q.s. 1 ml

* Ion Chromatography Analysis.


   Labile methyl group donation, for numerous body substances.

•    Part of Acetylcholine, a substance involved in nerve impulse transmission (parasympathetic nervous system).

•    Creation of essential phospholipids for maintaining cell structure (lecithin).

•    Lipotropic agent, prevents the development of fatty liver.


All animal species or classes.


Application of the formulated product in complete feeds, according to the doses given in the following table.


Broiler chickens

Application in mg/kg (g/t)
0 – 3 weeks2000
3 – 6 weeks1540
6 – 8 weeks Layers1150
0 – 6 weeks2000
6 – 12 weeks1385
12 – 18 weeks770
During production Turkeys160
0 – 4 weeks2460-2150
4 – 8 weeks2150
8 – 16 weeks1700
16 – 20 weeks1460
20 – 24 weeks1230
Breeding1230 -1540
1 – 5 kg L.W.925
5 – 10 kg L.W.770
10 – 20 kg L.W.615
20 – 110 kg L.W.460
Reproductive sows1925
Domestic animals
Cold water fish4615 mg/kg dry feed
Warm water fish925-6150 mg/kg dry feed (according to spp)
Density1.10 q/cm3
Viscosity (20°C):21 mPa.S


Supplementing the diet with choline helps prevent deficiency symptoms in all production species: Poultry: perosis, reduced hatchability, generalised growth retardation, fatty liver syndrome. Layers: reduction in egg size and production.

Swine: reduced fertility in reproductive sows. Behavioural disturbances in sucklings.

Calves: anorexia, periods of apnoea.


1000 l IBCs / bulk

Appearance: Transparent liquid with a characteristic smell.




Content: Choline Chloride min. 75%

Chemical name: 2-Hydroxy-N,N,N-trimethylammonium chloride Chemical formula: C5H14NOG

CAS No.: 67-48-1 (choline)    EINECS No.:200-655-4 (choline)



Strict quality control of content and trimethylamine (TMA)

Regular analyses of:

-Trimethylamine (TMA)

-Assay: Ion chromatography (Apsalab)

TMA Levels (ppm)

TMA is an indicator of degradation of the product.

It forms as a result of bacterial contamination and degradation of the choline, giving the product a characteristic smell.

Handling precautions: Please refer to our safety sheet.



Choline chloride liquid is ideal for animal feed manufacturers. Its use facilitates handling. Avoid prolonged contact of choline with other ingredients and additives during storage.

  Choline chloride

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