Choline Chloride-B-complex vitamin feed addictive

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October 13, 2017
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October 17, 2017

Choline Chloride-B-complex vitamin feed addictive

Choline Chloride-B-complex vitamin feed addictive

Choline chloride is a well-known and globally accepted additive for feed, which is usually classified as a B-complex vitamin.
Choline plays a vital role in a number of fundamental processes in the body. It’s indispensable for the bio-synthesis of phosphatidylcholine, and is a basic component of cell memberane and precursor of neurotransmitter acetylcholine.
Choline usually comes in the form of choline chloride, which is the best form of choline salts.

Why there is a need of exogenous supplementation of choline in Feed?

since there is no consistency in the choline content in the natural feedstuffs and also their bioavailability is not predictable. However, it may be expected that variation in content of choline will occur due to variation in prevailing crop growth conditions, e. g. climate, cultivar, soil, location, fertilizer and spray regime etc.

Feed IngredientsCholine Content (mg/kg)
Feedstuffs issueNRC 1994
Barley, grain1027990
Corn, yellow, grain1100620
Cotton seed meal 41%28072753
Feather meal, poultry880891
Fish meal, AAFCO35103099
Linseed meal flax (expeller)1672NA
Oats, grain1070946
Peanut meal and hulls (mechanical)15401655
Rapeseed oil meal (solvent)6700NA
Rice bran, unextracted13901135
Soybean meal, expeller26732794
Sunflower meal, solvent29002894
Wheat bran9801232
Yeast culture37113984

Specifications of Choline Chloride

IndexCholine Chloride on Corn Cob
Appearance:Yellow-brownish free flowing granule
Content of choline chloride≥50.0%≥60.0%≥70.0%
Loss on drying≤1.5%≤1.5%≤1.5%
GMO(Genetically Modified Organism)FreeFreeFree
Particle size (through 20 mesh sieve)≥95%≥95%≥95%
Package25kg /bag or 625kg /big bag
Shelf life:18 months from the production date.
IndexCholine Chloride on Silica
Appearance:White free flowing powder
Content of choline chloride≥50.0%≥60.0%
Loss on drying≤18%≤18%
GMO(Genetically Modified Organism)FreeFree
Particle size (through 24 mesh sieve)≥95%≥95%
Package25kg /bag or 650kg /big bag
Shelf life:18 months from the production date.

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