pure natural Garlic Allicin Powder 25%,animal feed additive

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November 18, 2016
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November 30, 2016

pure natural Garlic Allicin Powder 25%,animal feed additive

Animal Feed Garlic Allicin

Allicin powder is premix compound formed  by garlic oil adsorbing some carrier. White and floating thin powder.It is a newly developed and multifunctional feed additive in recent years. It is widely used as an antiseptic and can substitute for antibiotic in feed.
Allicin powder: 10%, 25%, premix agent

Allicin powder applied in feed additive field, it is mainley used in feed additive for developing the poultry and fishes against the disease and promoting growth and improving the flavor of egg and meat. The product shows a non-drug resistant, non-residual feature and no withholding period. It belongs to a kind of non-antibiotic feed additive, so it can be instead of antibiotics to be used in compound feed at all times.
Product Name
Allicin Powder
15% min
25% min
2% max
Calcium Powder
40% max
Corn Starch
35% max
It is white powder with the same smell as garlic
Normally in 25kg/bag
Keep in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight
Shelf Life
24 months


Functions of Garlic Allicin Powder 25%,animal feed additive
( 1) Has a substantial and strong antibiotic capability. It can kill all sort of germs totally sucn as gram-positive germs, gram-negative bacteria and fungis; can limit and eliminate some pathogenic bacteria such as numerous staphylococcocci, pasteurella, typhoid bacillus, shigella dysenteriae and pseudomonas aeruginosa. It can avoid and treat lots of kinds of contagion, specifically coccidiosis in chicken.

( 2) Because of its strong garlic odour, allicin can increase feed intake of the birds and fish.

( 3) Flavors the meals with a consistent garlic smell and mask unpleasant odors of numerous feed parts.

( 4) Strengthen body immune system, and promote healthy growth in poultry and fish.

( 5) Allicin’s garlic odour is reliable in fending off flies, termites and other bugs from the feed.

( 6) Allicin has a potent sterilization effect on Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus Niger, Aspergillus fumigatus, and so on and is therefore able to avoid the beginning of feed mildew and lengthen feed life.

( 7) Allicin is safe with no residual drugs

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