Allicin powder for poultry/fish/chicken feed additives

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Allicin powder for poultry/fish/chicken feed additives

allicin powder extract

What is Allicin?

Allicin is active part in garlic that supplies much of the health benefits. It was first reported by Cavallito and Bailey in 1944, as the key ingredient accountable for the broad-spectrum of anti-bacterial activity in garlic. Because that time, independent research has likewise revealed that allicin is accountable for lipid-lowering, anti-blood coagulation, anti-hypertension, anti-cancer, anti-microbial and antioxidant impacts.

The chemistry of garlic is very complex. Allicin is not really found in fresh garlic. Fresh garlic consists of two enzymes called “allinase” and “alliin”, which are stored in different parts of the garlic plant. This distinct structure is developed as a defense system against microbial pathogens of the soil. When fungis or other soil pathogens assault the cloves, the membrane separating these 2 parts is damaged, and within 10 seconds they mix and transformed into a new substance called allicin, also launching the sulfurous odor related to crushed garlic.

In nature, this is an extremely effective weapon since the clove’s defence systems only comes to life in an extremely small location and for a short amount of time, eliminating the invader and leaving the rest of the allinase and alliin preserved and are readily available for subsequent microbial attacks.

Producing process of Allicin oil


Application of allicin powder:

Allicin is the major biologically active component of garlic,is the key ingredient responsible for the broad-spectrum of anti-bacterial activity in garlic. It is the key ingredient responsible for the broad-spectrum of anti-bacterial activity in garlic. Allicin powder is applied to feed additive field. Allicin powder is mainly used in feed additive for the development of poultry, livestock and fishes. It can improve the ability of disease resistance, promote growth and improve the laying rate and improve the flavor of egg and meat. The allicin powder shows a non-drug resistant,non-residual feature and no withholding period. It belongs to a kind of non-antibiotic feed additive, so it can be instead of antibiotics to be used in compound feed at all times.


Specifications of allicin powder

Content 10% Min 15%Min 25Min
Product Name Allicin powder
Moisture 2% Max 2% Max 2% Max
Calcium powder 40% Max 40% Max 40% Max
Corn Starch 35%Max 35%Max 35%Max


Producing process of Allicin oil

functions of allicin powder
The product has a relatively prevention effect for some illness brought on by different infections, such as parotitis, red skin and enteritis and bleeding etc for fish, shrimp, crab.
It can be utilized to prevent kinds of infections and enhance animals’ immunization, illness resistance and tension resistance.
It is utilized to promote animals’ growth and enhance their survival rate and egg laying rate, while it is utilized to decrease feed material ratio, increase production capacity and increase financial advantage.
It can increase animals’ cravings, increase feed taking amount and promote digestion and assistance animals’ growth
It can help cleanse water quality and lower endangerment of mosquitoes and flies on nursery ground.
It is used to improve flavor of meat and decrease cholesterol.
As a sort of great additive, the product is no drug and no residue resistant and it is genuine a replacement of antibiotic substance for breeding environmentally sound livestock and poultry and aquatic items.


Usage and Amount:

Firstly premix garlicin with a small amount of raw feed material, then compound it into premixed or complete feed.

                                      suggested Additive Amount in complete feed  (Unit: g/t)


Additive Amount Based on 25% Garlicin Power

Feed Attraction

Growth Promotion

Substitute for Antibiotic Substance

Livestock & Poultry




River or Sea Fishes




Other Aquatic animals:Shrimp, Crab, Turtle






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