Nutritional characteristics and applications of Corn Gluten Meal

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Nutritional characteristics and applications of Corn Gluten Meal

First, the nutritional characteristics of Corn Gluten Meal:
  Corn Gluten Meal is a by-product of corn kernel after extracting starch, also known as corn gluten powder,

1, rich in amino acids and natural pigments – lutein, is an important feed raw materials.

2, mainly composed of corn protein, its protein nutrients are rich.

3, also contains a small amount of starch and fiber, and has a special taste and color, can be used for feed use, and feed commonly used fishmeal, soybean cake comparison, resource advantages are obvious, feeding value is high, so in the soybean meal fishmeal shortage of feed market can be used to replace soybean meal, fishmeal and other protein feed.

4. The advantage of Corn Gluten Meal as feed is that the product has few anti-nutritional factors, rich nutrition and good feed safety performance.

Second, the role of Corn Gluten Meal in the aquaculture industry
  1, Corn Gluten Meal-based layer chicken compound feed can improve the egg production rate of about 15%, can prevent and control chicken chondroidism and other diseases, play a role in health care and growth, is conducive to improving the quality of egg protein. The lutein content of corn protein powder is rich in lutein, and it has a certain color effect in poultry feed.

2. In the comparative feeding experiment of pig Corn Gluten Meal  and fish meal, the apparent digestion energy of corn protein powder is high, which may be due to the fact that its energy and protein ratio is more appropriate.

3. In the cattle industry, the use of Corn Gluten Meal as refined feed can make some proteins that cannot be digested by the rumen better digested and absorbed in the small intestine. Corn Gluten Meal contains linoleic acid, which promotes lipid metabolism in animals and promotes the polymerization of essential amino acids.


Third, precautions for use

  With the rapid development of animal husbandry, adulteration in the feed market occurs from time to time, especially high-protein feeds such as corn protein powder, corn protein powder adulteration will not only reduce the intrinsic quality of the product, but also cause significant damage to livestock and poultry. Therefore, when purchasing and using, attention should be paid to the identification of quality.

True Corn Gluten Meal is wet corn starch or corn syrup, raw corn after removing starch, germ and corn skin after the remaining products, features: its view is golden yellow, with the taste of roasted corn, and has a special smell of corn fermentation, there are 60% and more than 50% of protein two specifications, general routine detection of appearance, moisture, crude protein and other three indicators, and the probability of amino acid and lutein detection is very low.

True Corn Gluten Meal is the use of conventional detection deficiencies (loopholes) to produce fake corn protein powder, the general composition of fakes is protein essence, corn flour, millet powder, pigment and a small amount of real corn protein powder.

Method: Use the dyed yellow protein essence (urea-formaldehyde polymer) to impersonate the crude protein, use millet flour and corn flour as a filler, and then add a small amount of real corn protein powder, according to the quality requirements of the feed factory, adjust the proportion, you can produce different specifications of inferior corn protein powder, sold to the feed factory at a lower price, shoddy, to fake the real, resulting in a significant decline in feed quality.

Features: This kind of fake Corn Gluten Meal used to increase the crude protein content of the substance is a light yellow powder, it does not contain protein at all, is urea and formaldehyde polymer, nitrogen content of about 30%, add a small amount can greatly increase the content of crude protein, it not only has no nutritional value, but also toxic, because it in acidic conditions (such as gastric acid) can decompose to produce formaldehyde, causing livestock and poultry chronic poisoning, causing a series of unexplained symptoms.


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