High Protein poultry Feeds Corn gluten feed 60%

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May 11, 2017
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High Protein poultry Feeds Corn gluten feed 60%


Corn Gluten Meal
Corn Gluten Meal is a high protein feed that is guaranteed to have minimum protein of 60%. Corn Gluten Meal makes an excellent poultry feed and pet food ingredient and its 55% bypass protein make it a good dairy feed.

1. Appearance Yellow or light yellow powder, no visible impurity Conforms to standard
2. Colour Yellow or light yellow Conforms to standard
3. Protein %(wet basis) Morn than 62.0 Conforms to standard
4. Moisture % Less than 10.0 Conforms to standard
5. Fibre % Less than 2.5 Conforms to standard
6. Ash % Less than4.0 Conforms to standard
7. Fat % Less than 2.5 Conforms to standard
8. AFLATOXIN % Less than 20ppb Conforms to standard

Application of Corn gluten feed
CGM is applied using a spreader or even by hand: the material is essentially harmless if not inhaled, and is, in fact, edible (though not particularly palatable). On lawns, CGM is applied in early spring (usually timed phenologically by the blooming of crocus or forsythia), and again in the autumn. If the lawn is overseeded, CGM should either be applied at least six weeks before sowing, or two weeks afterwards.

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