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Choline Chloride B-vitamins, poultry feed additive
October 7, 2017
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October 13, 2017

corn gluten meal (Feed grade)

High Protein corn gluten meal (Feed grade)

Corn gluten meal is one by-product obtained in the production of corn starch which is hydroproduced from yellow corn and it is a feed material with rich energy and protein. As the product of corn flour, it has the function for livestock growing and disease-resistant and it fine additive in livestock raising and fodder industry. The xanthophyll in corn gluten meal is 20 times or so as much as the one in corn and it has a good coloration effect on birds, egg and fish products. In one word, it is excellent product in livestock raising and fodder industry.

Since corn gluten meal in different usage and different production process has different nutritional ingredients, it directly affects the effective availability and economic benefit of feed formula. The protein content of corn gluten meal produced in medical industry is up to more than 60%. It is respectively 21% higher than bean cake and 3.7% higher than fish meal. It is a kind of feedstuff with high content of protein. Meanwhile, its crude fiber content is lower than 3.9% bean cake. The fat content of medical corn gluten meal is higher than bean cake and corn. After it is mixed into feed, it is with high fat content and in favor of reducing the amino acid oxidation and generated ribosomal protein, and also can restrain glucose and other fat transformed by precursor substances; under high temperature, it is also beneficial to energy intake, reduces body heat consumption of beasts and birds and is slow down heat stress.

Poultry Meal
Poultry Meal/Chicken Meal/Feed Grade Poultry Meal are by-products from the poultry rendering industry. Poultry Meal and Chicken Meal are core components in many of today’s popular pet foods. These products are typically 65% Protein and 12-18% ash, depending on the pet food manufacturer’s specifications. Feed Grade poultry meal is a vital component in aquaculture feeding and other mixed feed rations. Feed Grade Poultry meal is typically a 60% protein product.

1)Protein: 60% on dry basis
2)Moisture: 10% Max
3)Fibre: 2.5% Max
4)Fat: 3% Max

Corn Gluten Meal Uses

Corn gluten meal is not edible by human standards, although it has food applications for pet, cattle and poultry feed. In the early 1990s, researchers discovered that corn gluten meal also had value as an organic herbicide and fertilizer. Specifically, gluten meal targets weed seeds which have not yet begun to sprout, and prevents them from germinating. For this reason, corn gluten meal works best when applied in the spring, or just before the emergence of late-blooming weeds. It does not control annual weeds which have already sprouted, nor established perennial weeds. On the other hand, corn gluten meal is effective in stopping the emergence of seeds cast by perennial weeds, which controls their spread. KANGDALI’s “Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening” also recommends using corn gluten meal as a natural fertilizer. Its 10 percent nitrogen content makes it a suitable substitute for manure or artificial nitrogen fertilizers, according to the encyclopedia. Because corn gluten meal prevents seeds from germinating, it should only be applied to established gardens or lawns.

No. Item Index
1. Appearance Yellow Powder
2. Smell Normal
3. Protein (Dry Basis) ≥ 60.00%
4. Moisture ≤ 10.00%
5. Ash (Dry Basis) ≤ 5.00%

Commodity:Corn Gluten Meal 60% (Feed Grade)

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