What is the effect of corn gluten powder in feed industry?

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February 11, 2018
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February 15, 2018

What is the effect of corn gluten powder in feed industry?

Corn Gluten Meal for Pig Feed, Chicken Feed

What is the effect of corn gluten powder in feed industry?

Corn Gluten meal is
also called Corn Bran powder, mainly composed of corn protein, containing a
small amount of starch and fiber. Protein in the pig gastrointestinal soluble
protein and insoluble protein two states exist, insoluble protein easily and
other macromolecules organic or trace elements of the combination, not easy to
be absorbed by animals, almost all by the animal out of the body, is composed of
feces dry matter ingredients. Starch contains resistant starch and chronic
starch, resistant starch in the digestive tract is not easy to be hydrolyzed by
amylase, absorption of water after the viscosity increases, affecting the
peristalsis of the food, affecting the digestion and absorption of nutrients.
The fiber composition of corn gluten powder is composed of NSP and lignin. The
content, type and structure of NSP affect the digestion and absorption of
ration, and also affect the utilization and excretion of nitrogen.

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Corn Gluten Meal

Corn Gluten Meal is the insoluble proteinic fraction obtained from a process of separating corn starch from maize. The entire process is fully under a hygienic condition and accredited Good Manufacturing Practice. Corn Gluten Meal is one of outstanding nutritious vegetable protein sources with an excellent amino acid profile. Due to its high digestibility, Corn Gluten Meal is widely applied for pet food, aquatic feed, and livestock diets.
Product parameter

The specifications:
Protein: 60% on dry basis
Moisture: 10% Max
Fibre: 2.5% Max
Fat: 3% Max
Ash: 1.5% Max
Packaging :25KG / 40KG / 500KG / 1000KG PP BAG
Smell Inherent smell of corn gluten meal, no objectional odor
Protein(Dry basis)% 60% Min
Moisture % 10% Max
Fat 5%MAX
Ash 4%MAX
Fiber 3%MAX

Product qualification

Feed Grade Corn Gluten Powder for Sale with High QualityFeed Grade Corn Gluten Powder for Sale with High QualityFeed Grade Corn Gluten Powder for Sale with High Quality



Nutritional components The nutritional compositions of corn gluten flour
produced by different uses and different production processes have a direct
impact on the effective utilization rate and the economic benefit of feed
formulation. The corn protein powder produced by the pharmaceutical industry
contains more than 60% protein. The protein content was 21% and 3 higher than
that of soybean cake and fish meal respectively. 7%, is a high-protein feed raw
materials, while the crude fiber content is lower than the soybean cake 3. 9%.
The content of fat in medical corn protein flour is higher than that of soybean
cake and corn seed. After the preparation of feed, the high fat content of the
diet is beneficial to reduce the amino acid oxidation and produce more body
protein, but also inhibit the conversion of glucose and other precursor
substances into fat, in high temperature conditions, but also conducive to
energy feeding, reduce the body heat consumption of livestock and poultry,

Slow down heat stress.

Feed application Corn protein powder protein content, rich in amino acids, in
the soybean cake, fish meal shortage of feed market can be used to replace
soybean cake, fish meal and other protein feed. Corn protein powder protein
is rich in nutrients, does not contain toxic and harmful substances, do not need
to be treated, can be directly used as protein raw materials, is the feed of
higher value fodder.
Cattle Feed By using corn gluten powder as concentrated, some proteins which
cannot be digested in the rumen can be digested and absorbed in the small
intestine better.

Corn protein powder contains linoleic acid, which can promote the lipid
metabolism of chickens and promote the aggregation of essential amino acids.

Pig Feed The protein content of corn gluten powder is directly related to the
apparent digestibility of swine. The ratio of energy to protein is suitable or
essential amino acid and non essential amino acid more balanced raw materials
have a higher energy digestibility, in the pig’s basic feed to add protein
content of different corn gluten meal (cp:52%, 47.4%, 32% Beijing production) ,
20%, 25% and 30% were added to determine the digestion energy of pigs, and the
results showed that the digestibility of corn gluten containing 32% crude
protein was higher, and the reason was that the ratio of energy to protein was
more suitable.

Chicken Feed The egg-laying rate was increased by 15% with corn protein powder.

It can prevent and cure the cartilage disease of chicken and other diseases,
promote the growth of health care, and improve the quality of egg protein.

Broiler Coloring

Although the chroma of broiler skin has nothing to do with its nutritive value,
but influenced by traditional culture, the majority of consumers and breeders
still take the chroma of broiler as one of the main indexes to measure the
quality of broiler products, which directly affects the price and demand of
broiler market. The broiler itself can not synthesize lutein, can only be
obtained from the feed, to obtain the ideal skin color, is generally in the
broiler feed add Bengkalis red, Galiso and other chemical synthetic coloring
agent, this kind of coloring agent price higher, add the feed cost, and residue
in the animal body. Corn protein powder leaf yellow content up to 90-180mg/kg,
is more than 5 times times of yellow corn, can effectively be absorbed, can make
the egg is golden yellow, can make chicken skin yellowish. The price of corn
protein powder is close to the price of soybean cake, in view of this, can use
corn protein powder and the reaction of the chemical synthesis of the coloring
agent to improve the color of broiler. Add 2 to the diet of the test group. 5%
Corn Gluten powder and mg/kg acid, pigment in the control group added mg/kg
Bengkalis Red, the blank control group in the diet does not add any coloring,
the results of the test group, the color of the color control groups are
significantly higher than the blank control group, the experimental group and
the color control of the color level increase difference is not significant ,
the test group of broiler shank color appears as a dark yellow, the appearance
of people’s consumption habits. Judging from the effect of slaughter broiler,
the effect of adding corn gluten powder and the effect of adding bengkalis red
is close, is significantly higher than the control group; the coloring effect of
natural lutein in feed is slightly worse than that of chemical synthetic
colorant, but by adding it, the metabolism of the body is increased, and the
utilization rate of lutein in feed is improved, The pigmentation of broiler skin
was changed and the effect was obvious.


The ethanol corn protein powder is a by-product of the brewing industry, its
protein content is low, the crude fiber content is high, the nutritive value is
inferior to the medical corn albumen powder, but because contains the unknown
growth factor, adds to the diet after can improve the animal’s production
performance significantly.

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