95%-97% Folic acid feed grade,poultry feed addictive,Vitamin B9

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Choline Chloride 50% & 60% & 70% animal feed addictive,weight enhencer
November 4, 2016
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November 17, 2016

95%-97% Folic acid feed grade,poultry feed addictive,Vitamin B9

folic acid

Folic acid, another form of which is known as folate, is one of the B vitamins. It is used as a supplement during pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects (NTDs). It is also used to treat anemia caused by folic acid deficiency.More than 50 countries require fortification of certain foods with folic acid as a measure to decrease the rate of NTDs in the population. Long term supplementation is also associated with small reductions in the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease.It may be taken by mouth or by injection.

Folacin is the generic descriptor not only for the original vitamin, folic acid, but also for related compounds that qualitatively show folic acid activity; the pure substance being designated pterylomonoglutamic acid. Its chemical structure contains three distinct parts, consisting of glutamic acid, a para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) residue and a pteridine nucleus

Specifications of 95%-97% Folic acid feed grade,poultry feed addictive,Vitamin B9 : 

Item Specifications Results
Appearance Yellow or orange crystalline powder A yellow crystalline powder
              Identification Ration:A256/A365:2.80~3.00 2.86
Water Not more than 8.5% 7.9%
Residue on ignition Not more than 0.3% 0.14%
Organic volatile impurities In the last steps of the synthesis water is used as solvent ,so we could not detected organic solvent residue in our products.
Assay(anhydrous basis) 95.0%~102.0% 97.82%
Conclusion The results conforms with USP23 standards

Function Folic acid : 

1. Folic acid to huge red gemmule anemia and sprue has curative effect
2. Folic acid can be added to the baby milk powder as a kind of health food additives
3. Antitumor effect
4.  Folic acid can be widely used as Feed additives, it is for anemia drugs, if lack of folic acid, livestock and poultry will lead to loss of appetite, poor feather growth etc.
5.Folic acid can be used as schizophrenia patient’s auxiliary therapeutic, the disease it has significant relief effect. In addition, folic acid can also be used in the treatment of chronic atrophic gastritis, inhibition of bronchial squamous transformation and control because of homocysteine appear to cause coronary artery sclerosis, myocardial injury and myocardial infarction, etc.

Packaging and Storage of Folic acid:

Normally in 25 kg PEPA bags or Kraft paper bags with PE liner

Store in a well-closed container away from moisture.

Shelf Life:

2 years if sealed and store away from direct sun light.



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