Dicalcium phosphate DCP 18% food and feed addictive

Choline Chloride 75% liquid animal feed grade vitamins
March 29, 2017
poultry feed grade-folic acid fine powder Vitamin B9
March 31, 2017

Dicalcium phosphate DCP 18% food and feed addictive

Feed Grade DCP is extensively applied in improving hybridization rate, pregnant rate and survive rate, enhancing livestock the capability of anti-plague and anti-disease, avoiding rickets, paralysis, diarrhea and soft-shell, preventing pig, chicken from disordering feeding, helping growth, increasing the output of egg and meat.

ItemStandard HG2636-2000Specimens Enterprises Indicators

Microparticles                                          Coarse Particles

P %≥16.516.5 17.18                                               16.5 17 18
Ca %≥2123                                                              23
F %≤0.180.06-0.16                                                   0.06-0.16
As mg/kg≤3010                                                               10
Pb mg/kg≤3010                                                                10
H2O % ≤43                                                                   3
Fineness %95 Guo 0.5mm Standard Screen97 Guo 0.5mm Standard Screen                 97 Guo 10- 60                                                                mesh                                                                    Standard Screen


Storage: Avoiding rain, moisture and insolation stockpiled at shaded, ventilated and dry place.

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