choline chloride FIFTY% SIXTY% corn cob or even Silica Base
choline chloride FIFTY% SIXTY% corn cob or even Silica Base
April 4, 2016
FEED ADDITIVE Choline chloride 50% 60% HOCH2CH2N( CH3) 3Cl.
April 20, 2016

Special effects of corn gluten powder

Protein Powder Feedstuff Corn Gluten Meal

Corn protein powder is a by-product of corn seed produced by the pharmaceutical industry in the production of starch or liquor-making industry, and its protein is rich in nutrients, does not contain toxic and harmful substances, do not need to be treated, can be used directly as protein raw materials, is a feed of higher value of fodder raw materials. In the cattle industry, the use of corn gluten powder for concentrated, can not be digested in the rumen part of the protein in the small intestine better digestion and absorption.

Corn protein powder contains linoleic acid, which can promote the lipid metabolism of chickens and promote the aggregation of essential amino acids. In pig-raising, the protein content of corn gluten powder is directly related to the apparent digestion energy value of swine. The ratio of energy to protein is suitable or essential amino acid and non essential amino acid more balanced raw materials have a higher energy digestibility, in the pig base feed to add different protein content of corn gluten powder (cp:52%, 47.4%,32% Beijing), add weight respectively 20%, 25%, 30%, to determine the digestion of pigs, the results showed that the protein powder containing 32% crude protein meal apparent digestion is higher, the reason may be that its energy and protein ratio is more appropriate. In chicken raising, the egg-laying rate was increased by 15% with corn protein powder.

It can prevent and cure the cartilage disease of chicken and other diseases, promote the growth of health care, and improve the quality of egg protein. In addition, the color of broilers can be improved, the broiler itself can not synthesize lutein, can only be obtained from the feed, the current to obtain the ideal skin color, is generally in the broiler feed add Bengkalis red, Galiso and other chemical synthetic coloring agent, this kind of coloring agent price higher, add the feed cost, and residue in the animal body. Corn protein powder leaf yellow content up to 90-180mg/kg, is more than 5 times times of yellow corn, can effectively be absorbed, can make the egg is golden yellow, can make chicken skin yellowish.

The price of corn protein powder is close to the price of soybean cake, in view of this, can use corn protein powder and the reaction of the chemical synthesis of the coloring agent to improve the color of broiler.

Corn Gluten Meal Protein 60% Animal Food

2.Corn protein powder parameter

1. Appearance Yellow or light yellow powder, no visible impurity Conforms to standard
2. Colour Yellow or light yellow Conforms to standard
3. Protein %(wet basis) Morn than 62.0 Conforms to standard
4. Moisture % Less than 10.0 Conforms to standard
5. Fibre % Less than 2.5 Conforms to standard
6. Ash % Less than4.0 Conforms to standard
7. Fat % Less than 2.5 Conforms to standard
8. AFLATOXIN % Less than 20ppb Conforms to standard

3.Production details

Corn protein powder is a by-product of corn grain after extraction of starch, also known as corn gluten flour.Corn protein powder is rich in amino acids and natural pigment lutein, is an important feed ingredients.Corn protein powder in the feed that has less antioxidant factor, rich nutrients and feed safety performance.

Product Description
Corn Gluten Meal
(High Quality & lowest price)

1-Product Introduction:
It is protein powder,with golden yellow color,by-product of corn starch.It can enhance the livestock to disease-resistant ability and Can be used to extract natural yellow pigment,And rich in amino acids.
It is a good additive for animal husbandry and feed industry.
Each batch goods is carefully tested before delivery by our lab.
2-Quality standard

Crude protein (wet basis) 60%min
Crude ash 4% max
Moisture 10%max
Urea Not Detected
Melamine Not Detected

Exported standard 25kg 50kg woven bag or big bag
We can design the packing and change the package size as customer’s demand.
4-Minimum order quantity
  20 tons
5-Payment term
   By cash,Irrevocable L/C at sight or T/T (30%down payment and 70%balance payment against the scan B/L).
6-Delivery time
within 15days after the down payment or origin L/C

Corn Gluten Meal Protein 60% Animal Food

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