What pesticides are used to grow lettuce? Spraying choline chloride on lettuce can increase yield by more than 30%

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What pesticides are used to grow lettuce? Spraying choline chloride on lettuce can increase yield by more than 30%

Readers are very interested in the question of how lettuce grows thick, and are dazzled by various lettuce bulking agents, lettuce bulking agents, lettuce bulking bulking agents, etc., and it is difficult to distinguish correctly. In the previous stage, I specifically described the relevant points that diethyl aminoethyl hexanoate can promote the growth of lettuce, and some people asked what kind of pesticide can be used for the growth of lettuce. choline.

What pesticides are used to grow lettuce?
1. Use diethyl aminoethyl hexanoate.

2. Use choline chloride. The so-called various bulking elements on the market are choline chloride. Choline chloride is easily absorbed by plants. After being absorbed by plant roots, leaves or stems, it is quickly transmitted to various organs of plants, promoting photosynthesis, inhibiting respiration, promoting root development, and transporting photosynthetic products to tuberous roots and tubers. , succulent roots or stalks, promote the expansion of tuberous roots, tubers, succulent roots or stalks, and significantly increase yield. Practice has proved that spraying choline chloride on lettuce can increase production by more than 30%.

When is the best time to spray choline chloride on lettuce? How many times to spray? How to control the amount of spraying?
The spraying of choline chloride is generally started from the early stage of tender stem swelling, generally 2-3 times, with an interval of 7-10 days.

Choline chloride on the market is generally divided into three types: pure, water and powder. Common commercial dosage forms are 50% powder, 60% powder and 70% powder. It is often used for thickening, increasing and increasing yield of Atractylodes, lettuce, garlic, peanuts, yams, beets, radishes, ginger, sweet potatoes and potatoes.

To buy choline chloride, you must buy from qualified manufacturers and trustworthy brands. There are many counterfeit and inferior choline chloride. They add stone powder, salt, potassium chloride, ammonium chloride and other substances to choline chloride. , the active ingredient content is often less than half of the indicated content, and users often report that the effect is poor.

Contraindications during use:
1. Choline chloride only promotes the thickening of lettuce shoots, and cannot replace other management measures such as chemical fertilizers and water;

2. Can not be mixed with alkaline pesticides and fertilizers;

3. It should not be used in poorly growing plots;

4. It is not suitable to use in the period of dew or high temperature at noon;

5. If it rains within 6 hours after spraying, it needs to be sprayed again;

6. Do not smoke when spraying, leave your arms and calves bare to prevent entering the mouth, nostrils, eyes and contact with the skin;

7. It is necessary to carefully check the instructions, and it is strictly forbidden to increase the concentration and shorten the interval at will.

8. The number of sprays cannot be increased at will.

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