Animal Feeding Preparation Soybean Meal 43% 46%

Choline Chloride Vitamin B4 Animal Feed Additive
Choline Chloride Vitamin B4 Animal Feed Additive
September 8, 2017
Corn Gluten Meal 60%,high protein poultry feed grade
September 20, 2017

Animal Feeding Preparation Soybean Meal 43% 46%

Animal Feeding Preparation Soybean Meal 43% 46%


Animal Feeding Preparation Soybean Meal 43% 46%[Intro]

Soybean meal is the remaining component after drawing out oil from soya beans. It is one of the most crucial healthy protein source made use of to feed stock. And also as a healthy protein source with low fiber, soybean meal is utilized mostly for the manufacturing of fowl, beef, pork, milk, butter and also eggs, especially fowl and swine industries.
1. The soybean meal is abundant in nutrition, such as amino acid, tiny peptide, vitamin and so on. The unrefined fiber in soybean dish is weakened and also intenerated effectively. And the anti- nutritional variables are eliminated. Hence the nourishment can be used at the greatest rate. This product could effectively promote the growth of porker, fowl as well as ruminant, minimize the price of manufacturing and also enhance the economic advantages.

2. The soybean meal has rich Probiotics and metabolite of Probiotics which could much better the micro-ecological atmosphere, strengthen the immunity as well as protect against disease.This product could improve the usage rate of feed as well as nitrogen. Thus the nitrogen and indole in the pets’ dejecta will certainly be reduced drastically, as well as feeding
setting will be enhanced.

3. The soybean dish is rich in amino acid, which can completely satisfy the amino acid demand of fishes.
Packaging & Shipment
Packing Detail:
Normally in 25 kg PEPA bags or Kraft paper bags with PE lining
Storage space:
Shop in a well-closed container off of dampness.
Shelf Life:
18 months if sealed and keep far from straight sunlight light.

Healthy protein( Dry Basis).
46% minutes.
Urease Task.
0.05% max.
12% max.
7.0% max.
Crude Fat.
2.0% max.
5.0% max.
2.5% minutes.
0.6% min.
2% max.
Sand as well as Silica.
2% max.

Product packaging & Shipping.
Usually in 25 kg PEPA bags with PE liner.
1×20 complete container tons 18 M. loads (or to be suggested) without pallets.

We are utilizing snugly and waterproof plan for choline chloride as well as all other feed ingredients,.
this sort of package deal can be utilized for long transport and can keep the freight in great conditions.

Business Details.
Hebei Kangdali Drug Co., Ltd. was set up in 1994, hinges on cangzhou xizhangzhuangzi industrail park. it nears to tianjin xingang port and the transportaion is rather onvenient.
We are a specialist maker and also exporter of feed additives in china, our equipments are made according to GMP and SGS totally. and have actually gotten GMP and SGS certifiate. we has own specialist worldwide profession division– HEBEI BIOCON IMPORT&EXPORT TRARDING CO., LTD
. Our primary items include: feed additive consisting of Choline Chloride, Feed Allicin, Feed Yeast Powder, Batain HCL 98%, DCP, MCP, Corn gluten meal etc. the yearly result is more than 50000 heaps and have been exported to Russia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Indoniesia, Egypt, South Africa, South America etc. and also hasgotten excellent track record.

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